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DREAM Team. . .

The DREAM Team is a initiative that empowers students to become leaders among their peers in educating themselves and the community about intercultural competency. Students on the DREAM team participate in a 2-day training each semester on topics related to diversity, power, privilege, and oppression. They engage in dialogue around campus in order to educate others, and they serve as a peer support resource at CUA.

DREAM Team 2016-17

Briah Baker - Sophomore, Media Studies

I am excited to join the Dream Team because I believe it is a new and exciting opportunity! I hope this team can help to foster great dialogue, deep discussions, and provide great incite into issues that occur not only in our community but around the world too.

Catherine (Katie) Broshek - Junior - Psychology



Ashley Duffoo - Junior 

As a member of the DREAM team. I hope to accumulate knowledge from my fellow DREAM team members and share my own awareness and understanding of various issues with the CUA community. 

Kylie Finley - Senior - Psychology

I am excited to be a part of DREAM team because I want to help bring diversity and the questions it raises to CUA's campus. As a part of DREAM team, I look forward to helping make everyone feel comfortable discussing and debating the important issues that occur on our campus!

Samantha Lubin - Junior - Nursing




Chelsi Marcellana - Junior - International Business

I joined the DREAM team because my goal is to unite the student organizations and help make the CUA campus a more inclusive environment. I want to promote diversity and stimulate a positive and open atmosphere for dialogue. 


Michael Mellifera - Sophomore - Philosophy/Pre-Law




Juliana Mitchell - Sophomore 




Scholastica Ibezimako - Senior -Nursing




Jacqueline Villatoro- Sophomore, Nursing

I joined the DREAM Team because I wanted to participate in an organization that addresses the societal problems affecting not only our world today, but even our campus community while celebrating diversity and encouraging tolerance among all students through education.


Cahlia Walton - Senior-International Business

I am excited about the DREAM Team because I can't wait to bring change to the campus that will strengthen our community.



Getting Involved. . .

DREAM Team applications for Fall 2015 has closed, please be on the lookout for the application process for the 2016-2017 academic year!

If you have any questions, please email



What's Happening?

No upcoming events.



What Happened 

Take a Walk in My Shoes: What does it take to be a US Citizen? Join DREAM Team for an interactive experience to talk and walk in someone's shoes and find out.

"Dark Girls" Movie Screening: In conjuntion with Black Student Alliance, DREAM team will view  "Dark Girls" with a dialogue about racism shortly after.

Fresh Check Day: DREAM Team will join Fresh Check Day to run an expo booth called "Love is Louder" in order to talk about issues such as bullying, negative self- image, discrimination and depression in underrepresented populations.